When Your Pet Won’t Sit Still For His Portrait

It is bad enough getting little children to sit still while the family portrait is being made up, but try this. Whoever thought of having their dog or cat sit in for the portrait? After all, is it not true that these ‘folks’ are important members of the family? But say now you want a custom pet painting made up of just the dog or cat? How do you get these house friendly (?) creatures to sit still while the artist weaves her paintbrush across het palate?

Why don’t you ask here then? Why not ask her to show you her existing portfolio of works? Every artist does that. And these days, most of them have their own websites. So there you go, pay the website a quick peek and see what works have already been catalogued. Most of you may be thinking of a realistic portrait. A good artist will of course, have a good knowledge of the species. But like saying that every dog has his day, especially when he won’t sit still, each and every domesticated creature has its own ‘pet’ personality.

custom pet painting

Even the pet snake, would you believe. Seeing is believing. How is the artist going to capture your particular pet breed’s quirks and foibles? Maybe it is in the genes. If artists can pull this off with humans, then surely they can do the same with animals. Of course, animals are different creatures altogether and it would require a special breed to capture their moments. Dare it be said that a lifelong love and association with animals would be a good fit for the artist’s resume.

Or time well spent when growing up with all the other animals on the farm as a youngster.