Regular Veterinary Visits Should Be Made

From the moment you have collected your first puppy or kitten from the pet store, you should be accustoming yourself to this regular and essential habit. From this day forward, you and your pet will be visiting the shoreview veterinary clinic on a regular basis. Just how often you and your pet will be paying these visits could still be at your discretion, but generally speaking, it is usually not more than once a year.

But should your new vet prescribe a more regular attendance, do not be alarmed. This may have little to do with your pet being vulnerable to disease and illness, but more to do with the specific breed. Consider that a big plus and a feather in your cap when you have located such a vet. He or she certainly seems to know a thing or two about your breed. And when appointments are made, do try to show up on time.

shoreview veterinary clinic

This may surprise you but the veterinary clinic can fill up quite easily. You may be wondering how this is possible given that private vets are notoriously expensive. There is no need to be hamstrung by such expenses. On your first visit, why not ask your new vet about a pet medical plan. Yes, there are those today. It is just a question of getting the right plan together and with all the appropriate benefits.

Also, during your first visit to the vet, he or she should be filling you in on preventive care. There are a number of things you can do at home to ensure that your dog or cat stays in good health for most of its short life. Yes, it is a dog’s life, and while the cats have nine lives, their lives are still pretty short.