How to Teach a Dog How to Protect You

Obedience training is the very first step that is needed to train a dog to protect you from intruders and the harm. It can take several weeks for obedience training to be completed, after which time the dog needs discipline and other training. The dog must understand that you are his master and be able to respond to your voice commands. Although it is more than possible to teach your dog how to become a protection dog, the best results are attained when a professional is used for the service.

What is Dog Protection?

Many people get the wrong idea when someone says dog protection. They wrongly assume that the dog instantly becomes a danger to society and becomes aggressive and untamable. And while this is true in some situations when the dog isn’t trained properly, it is not the norm. Most protection dogs are well-trained and behave aggressively only in situations when their master orders them to attack.

Why Train Your Dog to Protect You?

Training your dog to protect you can save your life, deter crime, and keep you safe. Whether you walk alone in the park during dusk or dawn, live in a home alone, or fear intruders, protection dogs saint anns are there to protect you and keep everyone in the home safely protected. The dogs are genuine, lovable, and always by your side, even in the most frantic of situations.

Professional Dog Protection Training

protection dogs saint anns

Professional training for dogs is used by law enforcement, military personnel, and others who want to ensure their dog is properly trained to keep them safe from potentially harmful people. If you want the benefits that a protection dog offers, it is time to consider professional training for your pooch.