5 Facts About Bulldogs

If you are considering adding a Bulldog to your home, the facts below make it much easier to decide if this breed is right for your home. There’s no question about it: bulldog puppies for sale dallas tx are adorable and fun. But, there are far more considerations to ponder before bringing a pet home than its level of cuteness. Without further delay, take a look at these five fun Bulldog facts.

1.    Bulldogs Make Great Family Pets

Bulldogs are large, sometimes intimidating looking animals but the truth is, they’re gentle giants. Bulldogs make great family pets because they’re gentle and loving, they enjoy playing with children, and rarely are the dogs aggressive.

2.    The Price You Pay

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If you plan to purchase a Bulldog puppy, prepare to spend a nice chunk of change for the pet. On average, a Bulldog has a price tag ranging from $1,000 – $5,000, and sometimes even more, depending on the place of purchase!

3.    Plethora of Health Problems

Sadly, Bulldogs need a lot of attention from the vet due to the many health problems they can sustain. This breed is one that is known for health ailments ranging from respiratory issues to heart problems due to their larger size.

4.    A Long History

The English Bulldog has not always been a family-friendly dog. It was originally bred as a bull baiting animal. This was outlawed in 1935, however, and the entire breed began to change from an aggressive animal that could take down a bull weighing more than a ton with one hook to an animal that is like one of the kids.

5.    Training 101

English Bulldogs are trainable, although it can take persistence and patience with the sometimes strong willed breed. The dogs are very smart and intelligent, however, so training them to become obedient and even to do tricks is pretty easy.